What We Do

“Believe you can and you are halfway there”
– Theodore Roosevelt

Masterclass Workshop Series

Our flagship service is the Career Readiness Masterclass Workshop Series that equips young adults, students and first-time supervisors/managers who are at the formative stages of their careers with vital 21st Century Competencies to enhance their employability and career readiness.

These 21st Century Competencies are transferable soft skills that can be utilised across a wide range of industries. It is an interrelated set of Knowledge (what we know), Skills (what we can do) and Attitudes (what we think, feel, believe and value) which are mutually reinforcing for successful learning, living and working in today’s fast paced, technologically advanced, global economy.

  • Our workshop content is grounded in sound psychological theory and incorporates recent international research on 21st Century Employability Skills and new age world of work requirements.
  • Our approach entails an integrated mix of life skills, self-development tools and techniques, experiential activities, and project-based learning.
  • Small groups (up to 8 participants) enable individualised attention and personalised feedback.
  • Participants utilise a Career Journey Map to track their learning journey throughout the intervention by using self-reflection techniques and feedback opportunities.
  • Learning is reinforced through multiple touchpoints and individual- and group coaching sessions.
  • We also utilise psychological assessments to support self-awareness, personal growth and continuous learning.
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“21st Century competencies will increase your marketability, employability and Career readiness in the modern workplace”– p21

21st Century Competency Framework

Work-Life Competencies Development

Our Work-Life Skills Development Workshops enable new entrants, first time supervisors and newly promoted managers to enhance their Career Readiness and Employability through the development of vital 21st Century Competencies required in the modern world of work.

One of the greatest challenges facing businesses today is the amount of personal development still required by new entrants and those promoted to a first level of supervision/management. Global studies indicate that over one-third of employers are unable to recruit due to a lack of adequately trained applicants.

Employers tend to expect new entrants and first-time supervisors/managers to be ready to run with their new jobs while employees in turn expect employers to show them the ropes. The expectation gap creates relationship tension, work stress and may result in sub-standard performance and disengaged employees.

The reality is that most secondary and tertiary institutions do not provide an environment where the required competencies can be developed at an advanced level. Furthermore, most company-specific internal induction programmes typically focus on knowledge of the specific work environment, company policies and procedures and an orientation to the office layout.

Who is then responsible for ensuring new entrants and first-time supervisors and managers master the 21st Century Competencies required in the modern workplace?

Our interventions focus on interactive communication, business etiquette, self-presentation and conflict resolution as well as leadership-like competencies such as information research, appropriate technology utilisation, business communication, personal branding and self-management. Participants learn to develop a professional personal brand, to navigate their Career Web and to apply 21st Century Competencies in the workplace.

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Career Transition Coaching

Through individual and group coaching we enable you to explore your goals and desires, identify your options and the obstacles that may stand in your way, develop practical actions to handle Career Transition events and confidently navigate your Career Web going forward.

Researchers find that as the employment landscape changes, it becomes more important for businesses and workers alike to keep skills relevant and up to date. The Future of Jobs report highlights that our ability to anticipate future positions and identify the skills we'll need to get them, is critical if we're to survive job disruption over the coming decades. Over the course of your Career, you will probably encounter several job disruption events which could include some of the following:

  • Starting college / university / your first job / your own business / a new Career
  • Being promoted to your first supervisory / first management / first leadership position
  • Being retrenched / outplaced / transferred
  • Going back to work after a sabbatical or returning to college/university after a period of full time work

These periods of significant change may result in uncertainty. Career Transition Coaching is often beneficial in helping individuals cope and deal with these disruptive events.

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“To be successful in the next decade individuals will need to continually reassess the skills they need, and quickly put together the resources to develop and update these skills to remain current in the new world of work” - Future Work Skills 2020 Report

21st Century Career Development
21st Century Longevity and Retirement Preparation

“It’s not the years in your life that count - It’s the life in your years” – Abraham Lincoln

21st Century Longevity and Retirement Preparation

Longevity and Retirement Preparation

Our Longevity Preparation workshop and optional coaching sessions support you to set new goals and priorities so you can make a smooth transition from what you did, to the meaningful and engaging things you are going to start doing now.

In the new world of work lifelong learning and multiple Career opportunities are possible for everyone. As we move towards realistic, healthy life-extension possibilities, new perspectives are emerging for what it means to age. Increasingly, people are rearranging their Careers, family life and education to continue occupational involvement long past retirement age. To take better advantage of this well-experienced and still vital workforce, organisations are also rethinking their traditional Career paths to create more diversity and flexibility.

Retirement brings greater flexibility and variable priorities to consider. This transition is an ideal time to give thoughtful consideration to what you really want to do now. It is surprising just how many people neglect preparing for this phase of their lives. The earlier you can prepare and tap into the power of planning in this context, the sooner you will be able to put your plan into action.

Through small group, one-day Workshops we provide a platform for interaction with like-minded others. We support you to gain a deeper understanding of your strengths, values, interests and passions. An understanding that will be the foundation of your lifestyle over the years ahead. We also provide tips, tools and techniques on navigating this life-changing transition. These inter alia include:

  • The different factors influencing retirement today
  • Exploring your ‘wheel of life’
  • Understanding what retirement means for you and your loved ones
  • How to make the most of your wisdom, experience and maturity
  • How best to plan for your future
  • How to stay active and involved in the community
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